National Arts in Education Week

Throughout the country this week, arts and educational institutions are celebrating National Arts in Education Week.

Arts and educational institutions are taking this opportunity to draw attention to arts in education, showcase its benefits, and build a momentum for the school year just beginning. All of us at Emerson Stage and the Department of Performing Arts are excited to join in this effort.

We at Emerson know how valuable the arts are in a student’s education. We know this through personal experience and through persuasive research. Research that tells us, for example, that students that receive an education rich in the arts have higher GPAs and standardized test scores, lower drop-out rates, and are more likely to engage in community service. We also know that employers believe creativity is of high importance in their employees and a trait sought during hiring.

This week at Emerson Stage, we will definitely be celebrating the arts! Please follow our blog for stories and insights from Emerson College Theatre Education undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and faculty. Get ready to celebrate!

Happy Arts in Education week!

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