NewFest 2024: Rod Parker Playwriting Fellowship Production


By Olivia Lindquist ’27
Directed by Joe Antoun

Second Star to the Right turns the story of Peter Pan that we know on its head. Captain Hook, formerly Aunt Cora to three kids, is lured to Neverland by Pan’s charm and figures out the secrets of the island. Plagued by the death of one of the children she nannies, she gathers help from the fae and mermaids to take down Peter Pan once and for all but falls short and barely escapes his wrath, losing a hand in the process. With the Darlings’ arrival, the tide will change for everyone.

march 27-30, 2024
greene theatER

All performances open to the public

Run Time: 75 minutes

Content Advisory: This play contains the death of a child, physical violence, blood, the use of cannons and other weapons.

Sensory Advisory: This production includes some flashes of light, and cannon explosion sound effects.

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Production Photos by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo. View full album.

Creative Team

Scenic Design

Liv Miller

Costume Design

Ava-Sofia Settoon

Lighting Design

Davis Kranchalk

Sound Design

Eri Lackey

Props Lead

Oak Walker


Janie Hillman


Delene Beauchamp


Alexander Serino


Abigail Lee

A note from the
Director, Joe Antoun

Welcome to Emerson Stage’s annual celebration of new works. I am pleased to present to you the Rod Parker award winning play Olivia Lindquist’s Second Star to the Right. In this dark and funny re-imagining of the Peter Pan tale, the playwright looks through a fresh lens to re-investigate some of the opposing themes from the original story. The ideas of Naivety vs. Innocence and Life in Neverland vs. The Real World are investigated through the classic optic of good vs evil.

In the world of Second Star to the Right, the naivety of those in charge of innocent children leads to their true endangerment. When Pan charms Cora and Wendy with the wonderment and beauty of Neverland, their first impression is “It sounds too good to be true”.

They later find out they were right. Much of life in Neverland is as we have always known it. The usual rules for children disappear. No bedtime, no growing up. However in this Neverland, Pan has the power to steal the memories of people so he can remain young. This loss of memory makes them forget their home and family, requiring them stay in Neverland. The children are afraid to grow up. For Pan, youth is immortality and the result of the memory theft is a tragic cost to most. Sadly, inhabitants of Neverland don’t know they exist in the real world at the same time. They are simply unaware of
their life or death there.

Olivia has cleverly and gently underscored the play with these given circumstances. In doing so, she pays homage to J.M. Barrie’s play and novel Peter and Wendy and all its darkness. This also makes Second Star to the Right a very fun new play to direct. The opportunities for humor, interpretation and design are endless. The show is a cautionary tale with heart. When the play lands home, it reminds me of two aphorisms that I heard while I was growing up: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” and “There is no place like home.”

Hook learns this the hard way motivating her to explain that “Growing up allows us all to spend the rest of our lives with the ones we love. Remember that and hug your parents and family when you get home. And every time after that”.

A note from the
Playwright, Olivia Lindquist

The story of Peter Pan, especially the Disney version, is iconic. From adaptation to adaptation, the key points and moments remain true. However, this is not like the Peter Pan stories we are used to and it should be treated as such.

I am incredibly grateful to the actors, crew, and production team for bringing this project to life. It’s more than I could have ever imagined and I love being a part of the whole process.

I also want to give a big thank you and shout out to the actors for bringing my characters to life in such a fascinating way. Even though I attended rehearsals, I still was blown away every time you all took on your characters.

This play was originally an exercise to get me working on a new project in my downtime. It went from sitting in my drawer after a few drafts to the submission box of the Rod Parker Fellowship. Since then, it has gone through another round of revision and is now finally seeing the stage. I sincerely hope this play sticks with you in the same way it sticks with me.

This is a story about naivety, grief, feminine rage, and most importantly: growing up. This trip to Neverland holds our hearts close and our enemies even closer. Be wary of the hero, Peter Pan, or you, too, might be forced to grow up too quickly.

Keep your eye on the second star to the right.

A note from the
Dramaturg, Abigail Lee

You need not be sorry for her. She was one of the kind that likes to grow up. In the end she grew up of her own free will a day quicker than the other girls.
– J.M. Barrie

Throughout the decades, we have seen various stories and adaptations of Peter Pan everywhere, in books, on stage, and in songs. What a strange character to be a household name, the boy who never grew up! Why do we tell this story to children and is it all that good to stay young forever? Many people have been trying to answer these questions through their explorations of Peter Pan the character as well as his fabled Neverland.

It all began back in Kensington Gardens, London with J.M. Barrie and the Llewelyn Davies boys. He met the two older boys, George and Jack, who were 4 and 5 at the time, respectively. Barrie became close to the entire family and eventually became the caretaker of the five Llewelyn Davies boys when their mother died. Before there was Peter Pan, he wrote The Little White Bird. The story follows a young boy and an older man who is trying to steal him away
from his mother. He entertains the boy by telling him the story of ‘Peter Pan,’ a baby who never gets older. In a way, Peter Pan is the original adaptation of his own story. Peter is named after one of the Llewelyn Davies boys and it’s hard to call the story anything less than semi-autobiographical. J.M. Barrie’s fascination with youth and this story led him to write the play and book, Peter and Wendy. In the book, Peter kills lost boys; he deforms them to fit into
doors and he neglects the Darlings. He is everything you would expect a boy who has been living for potentially centuries but still has his baby teeth would be. None of these things are malicious; however, he does them because he is naive and can’t understand the consequences. So why would we tell this story as anything but cautionary?

The first production of Peter Pan opened on December 27, 1904, and now we’re here almost 120 years later with hundreds if not thousands of retellings of Barrie’s story. The Disney adaptation from 1953 is probably the most well-known retelling. The movie added iconic songs that are heavily associated with the story like “You Can Fly!” and “A Pirate’s Life.” Another notable adaptation, and a personal favorite of the playwright, is Steven Spielberg’s Hook which has Pan returning to Neverland after growing up. There are plenty of adaptations that blatantly paint Pan as the villain, but if you are looking you can find evil undertones in almost every single Peter Pan story. Second Star to the Right flips the Peter Pan narrative on its head and takes you to a much more
dangerous version of Neverland than you’ve ever been to before, and I hope you find our Pan the most villainous you’ve met thus far.

Meet the

Wendy / Claudette — ANNEKE SALVADORI
Jamie — LISA EVE
Silas / John — MILO HUGHSON
Theodore / Michael — DAVID SCHELL


Tink, Claudette / Wendy, Crystal — CARLY MENTIS
Silas / John, Blaze, Scorpia –– LEO SERVETAR
Theodore / Michael –– ISAAC SIMON
Jamie / Smee –– CATE PURVIS

Meet the
Artistic and Production Staff

Assistant Director — KATE RILEY
Observing Director –– GABRIELLA DAVID
Observing Director –– REGINA ASHLEY
Observing Director –– ABIGAIL GRACE LEE
Assistant Fight Director –– SOPHIA INEZ
Assistant Costume Designer — SOPHIA OQUEST
Assistant Costume Designer –– CHIRON SEIDEL
Wardrobe Supervisor — MADDISON NIDEFFER
Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor — MARIA-RENEE HERMAN
Assistant Lighting Designer — KELLY FURMAN
Production Electrician — HANNAH FORSBERG
Lead Electrician — STEL STEIN
Assistant Lead Electrician — NATE PRITZKER
2nd Assistant Lead Electrician –– MAX RIPLEY
Assistant Sound Designer — RYAN TSE
Production Sound Engineer — JULIE BEAULIEU
Assistant Production Sound Engineer — SAM GRODIN
Co-Technical Director — CASPER APODACA
Assistant Technical Director –– MJ FOX
Assistant Stage Manager — ALEX LEWIS
2nd Assistant Stage Manager — MAC MEDEIROS
Production Assistant — SYDNEY WILLIAMS
Associate Production Supervisor — ETHAN WEST
Assistant Production Supervisor — OLIVER WORNER
Company Manager — HALLE HART
Assistant Company Manager — LAUREN WIEDENMANN
Assistant Company Manager — LUCY PAGE
Run Crew

Cast Bios

ARI BIRD (he/him) — Pan

BFA ’25 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Old Jake’s Skirts (Shoestring). Emerson College credits: Musical Theatre Against the Grain’s Hot Dam! (Lance R. Splishsplash). Other Credits: Peter and the Starcatcher (Boy/Peter); The Stonewater Rapture (Whitney); As You Like It (Touchstone). Also a member of the Emerson College comedy troupe This is Pathetic. Thank you to my wonderful family and friends and to J.M. Barrie for creating the wonderful character, the boy who never grew up.

LISA EVE (she/her) — Jamie

BFA ’25 Comedic Arts. Lisa is delighted to be making her Emerson Stage debut! Select credits: Film: EIV’s Hell Inc (Fink); EIV’s The Inmate (Ana); EIV’s Platyboy (The Gull); and the BFA film Faith (Elizabeth). Theater: MTS’ The Secret Garden (Colin); MTS’ Tavern Song (Tractor Jack); The First Woman (Aphrodite). Table Read: The Siren Princess (Kate). Lisa is a proud member of A Goose Troupe. Thank you to the Geese, Lily, and Callum. You’re the best!

MILO HUGHSON (he/they) — Silas / John

BFA ’24 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: The Late Wedding (Casen). Thanks to family and friends for every bit of support!

ADAM KAMER (he/him) — Blaze

BFA ’26 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Kidding Around’s Snow Angel (Gus); emShakes’ King Arthur’s Socks (Fool). Emerson College film credits: Second Thoughts (Thomas). Regional credits: Kentucky Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Assistant Director), Much Ado About Nothing (Benedick), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Flute). Thanks to friends and family for all the support! @adamkamer_

ANGELA KEON (she/her) — Crystal

BFA ’26 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Regional credits: Gulfshore Playhouse’s The Addams Family (Wednesday Addams), Little Women (Amy March), and Into the Woods (Little Red). Other credits: The Naples Players’ Frozen (Princess Anna) and Bye Bye Birdie (Suzie).  Thanks to all my friends and family who support me!

ALLY MCLEAN (she/her) — Tink

BFA ’25 Musical Theatre. Emerson Stage credits: Cabaret (Helga/Gorilla and U/S Kost), Old Jake’s Skirts (Swing). Emerson College credits: MTAG’s A Chorus Line (Sheila) and The Wild Party (Assistant Director); MTS’ Urinetown (Soupy Sue); MTAG’s Rock of Ages (Ensemble). Regional credits: The Barn Dinner Theatre’s Legends Diner (Marry-Kate). Thank you to the production and creative team for a wonderful process and thank you mom for the never-ending support!

CARLY MENTIS (she/her) — U/S Tink, Claudette / Wendy, Crystal

BFA ’25 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: The Loyals (Benedict Arnold). Emerson College credits: emShakes’ Death of a Salesman (Charley); Full Fathom’s Other Girls (Lily) and Alex Serino’s Gruesome Playground Injuries (U/S Kayleen). Thanks to mom and dad for the support!

ELIZABETH NUNNERY (she/her) — Hook

BFA ’26 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Little Women (U/S Marmee, Mrs. Mingott, Hannah). Emerson College theatre credits: MTAG’s Tanner Maverick’s Book of Sound (Lauren); Kidding Around’s Seussical (Ensemble). Thank you to this incredible cast and team. So much love to my friends and family for their endless support – you all mean the world to me.

CATE PURVIS (she/her) — U/S Smee, Jamie

BFA ’26 Theatre Education & Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: emShakes’ King Arthur’s Socks (She). Regional credits: New Stage Theater’s A Christmas Carol (Ensemble); St. Andrew’s Episcopal School’s Little Women (Jo March) and Dividing the Estate (Mary Jo). Thanks to my family, my friends, and my teachers for always believing in me!

CONNOR ROSSI (he/him) — Smee

BFA ’26 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Little Women (Mr. Dashwood), A Doll’s House (U/S Nils Krogstad) . Emerson College credits: RareWorks Theatre Company’s Feeding The Moonfish (Martin); Kidding Around’s A Wrinkle in Time (Calvin) and Snow Angel (Benny); BlueJay Theatre Collective’s Dog Sees God (Matt). Thank you to Mom and Aidan for the support! @thereal.rossi

ANNEKE BRIGID SALVADORI (she/they) — Claudette / Wendy

BFA ’26 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Bonnets: How Ladies of Good Breeding Are Induced To Murder (Fortitude). Student Film credits: Antemeridian Studios’ Roll for Reality (Simona); BA Capstone Big Red (Ally); EIV’s Bloody Mess (Brit); and Headphones (Syd). Love to the cast and crew as well as my friends and family for coming back to Neverland with me.

DAVID SCHELL (they/he) — Theodore / Michael

BFA ’25 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Cabaret (Victor), 16 Winters (Assistant Costume Designer), Bat Boy (Wig/Makeup Supervisor). Emerson College credits: BlueJay Theatre Collective’s Dog Sees God (u/s CB/Swing); Musical Theatre Society’s La Cage Aux Folles (Hanna), Big Fish (Young Will/Zacky), Urinetown (Officer Barrel), 2021 Emerson Fights Aids Cabaret (soloist), and The Secret Garden (Costume Designer); Musical Theatre Against The Grain’s A Chorus Line (Costume Designer), and Dream Cabaret (soloist). THANK YOU LIV AND AVA-SOFIA!!! @d_schell186

LEO SERVETAR (he/him) — U/S Silas / John, Blaze, Scorpia

BFA ’26 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits:  RareWorks’ Gold (Finn Salmon); Kidding Around’s Moksha (Pat the Penguin). Big thank you to my mom and dad for shipping me to Emerson College, and to my wonderful boyfriend for supporting me! Love you!

ISAAC SIMON (he/him) — U/S Theodore / Michael

BFA ’26 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Emerson Dance Co’s Vitality; DirectorsFest Spring 2023 & Fall 2022. Previous Credits: The Theatre Lab: Carrie, The Prom, Urinetown, The Hello Girls, Big Fish, Working; Levine School of Music: Into The Woods; Wilson High School: Les Misérables, Rent, Matilda, Peter and the Starcatcher; Wilson Players: Much Ado About Nothing; Teen Angel Project Company Member 2019-2022. Upcoming Film: Mudslide, Colosseum, Scramble, Raspberry Tarts. Thanks to Mom, Dad, family, and friends. Special shout-out to my Theatre Lab fam!

MAGGIE STEWART (she/they) — U/S Hook

BFA ’26 Theatre Education & Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Antony & Cleopatra! (Lepidus/Dollabella); Emerson Dance Company. Maggie also works in the Emerson Stage paint shop as a scenic artist and paint shop assistant. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Morgan, Emmie, the suities of 401, and to all my friends and family for your endless support! <3 @maggieee_moo


BFA ’26 Musical Theater. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: MTS’ EFA Cabaret 2022 and 2023; Mercutio Troupe’s Trail To Oregon (Mother). Regional credits: Madison Lyric Stage’s Spring Awakening (Wendla); Whitney Player’s The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Matilda (Miss Honey). Rebecca would like to thank her friends, family, and dogs for their support and encouragement to do what she loves.

NICK YAJKO (he/they) — U/S Pan

BFA ’24 Theatre & Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Nick is so excited to be making his Emerson Stage debut and would like to thank his friends and family for all their support!

Creative Team Bios

JOE ANTOUN — Director
Joe Antoun is the founding Artistic Director of Centastage where he has developed, directed or produced over 70 new plays including six Boston Women On Top Festivals of new plays by women and four Boston Sings Boston cabarets of new songs. Mr. Antoun is on the directing and acting faculty at Emerson College where he serves as the Artistic Director of NewFest.  This is his 23rd NewFest show. He is a recipient of the Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Kenneth A. McDonald Award for Theater Excellence.  He is a proud member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC) and a board member of the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund (TCBF).

OLIVIA LINDQUIST (pronouns) — Playwright
BA ’27 Writing, Literature, and Publishing. Emerson Stage debut! Thank you to my friends and family for supporting me in my creative endeavors, Joe for this wonderful opportunity, and the cast and crew for bringing my story to life! Also, special thanks to John Muller from CRHS for encouraging me to continue playwriting.

LIV MILLER (she/her) — Scenic Designer
BFA ’25 Theatre Design & Technology. Emerson Stage credits: Bat Boy (Hair & Makeup Designer), Bonnets… (Hair & Makeup Designer), The Loyals (Wardrobe Supervisor), The Secret in the Wings (Props Lead), Paris (Assistant Costume Designer), Old Jake’s Skirts (Assistant Scenic Designer), Into the Woods (Wig Runner), RAGE (Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor), Next to Normal (Assistant Props Lead). Emerson College credits: MTAG’s Rock of Ages (Hair/Makeup Designer); MTS’s La Cage Aux Folles (Hair/Makeup Artist and Designer), Mercutio Troupe’s Romeo and Juliet (Hair & Makeup Designer). Thank you to the whole creative and directing team for making this a great first scenic design experience! 

AVA-SOFIA SETTOON — Costume Designer
BFA ’24 Costume and Production Design for Film. Emerson Stage credits: Bat Boy: The Musical (Costume Designer), Mary, Sweet Mary (Costume Designer), The Secret in the Wings (Assistant Costume Designer). Emerson College credits: Long Lost BFA Film (Costume Designer). Thank you to Tristan, Richelle, Becky, Laurie, and my assistants! Another huge thank you goes out to my wonderful and supportive sister!

DAVIS KRANCHALK (he/him) — Lighting Designer
BFA ’25 Theatre Design & Technology. Select Emerson Stage credits: The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons (Production Electrician), Bat Boy (Assistant Lighting Designer), Little Women (Lead Electrician), Mary, Sweet Mary (Production Electrician), Paris (Assistant Technical Director), The Spitfire Grill (Assistant Lighting Designer). Emerson College credits: RareWorks’ Feeding the Moonfish (Lighting Designer). Regional credits: Snow Productions’ Spongebob the Musical (Lighting Designer). He would like to thank his parents and friends for their constant support, and his sister for being his forever theatre buddy!

ERI LACKEY (she/they) — Sound Designer
BFA ’26 Theater Design & Technology. Emerson Stage credits: The Loyals (Assistant Lighting Designer), Bonnets… (Assistant Sound Designer), A Doll’s House (Lead Electrician), Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (A2). Emerson College credits: RareWorks’ The Sympathy Play (Sound Designer); Musical Theater Against The Grain’s A Chorus Line (Assistant Lighting Designer); Musical Theater Society’s Dogfight (Lighting Designer); Emerson Recognition Awards 2023 (Sound Mix Engineer); The 43rd Annual EVVY Awards (Assistant Lead Electrician). Thank you to my friends who taught me everything I know, and my family who supported any choice I made.

OAK WALKER (they/them) — Props Lead
BFA ’24 Theatre Design & Technology. Emerson Stage credits: Bat Boy (LD), How We Got On (Co-PE), Mary, Sweet Mary (Co-LD), Paris (LE), Old Jake’s Skirts (ALD), The Spitfire Grill (Assistant Props Lead), Three Romances for the Unwell and Otherwise (LE), Marie Antoinette (ALD), Interior of an Artist Without Her Sister (ALD). Emerson College theatre credits: Mercutio Troupe’s Our Dear Dead Drug Lord (ALD); S.E.A.L.’s ERA Awards 2022 (Co-Scenic, Co-PE); MTAG’s Rock of Ages (LD). Thank you all for making this a wonderful experience for my last EmStage show!

JANIE HILLMAN (she/her) — Stage Manager
BFA ’25 Stage & Production Management. Emerson Stage credits: Next To Normal (Production Assistant), NewFest Short Works 2022 (2nd ASM), The Secret In The Wings (2nd ASM), NewFest Short Works 2023 (1st ASM). Emerson College credits: EmChan’s Critical Damage Seasons 4, 5, 6 (Stage Manager); EmChan’s Hit Point Hall Seasons 2 and 3 (Stage Manager); and EmChan’s Third Bird Season 4 (Stage Manager). Regional credits: American Repertory Theatre’s Evita (Child Minder) and Becoming A Man (Production Assistant). Thank you to my family and friends for the support and my SM team for their hard work!!!

DELENE BEAUCHAMP (he/him) — Production Supervisor
BFA ’24 Stage & Production Management. Emerson Stage credits: The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons (Puppet Designer), How We Got On (Stage Manager), Cabaret (Associate Production Supervisor), Mary, Sweet Mary (First Assistant Stage Manager), The Wolves (Associate Production Supervisor), Three Romances (Assistant Production Supervisor), Next To Normal (Second Assistant Stage Manager), Baltimore (Assistant Production Supervisor), Going to California (Second Assistant Stage Manager). Emerson College theatre credits: emShakes’ Antigone (Producer). Thanks to friends, family, and my partner Aaron.

ALEXANDER SERINO (he/they) — Fight Director
BFA ’24 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Going To California (Observing Director). Emerson College credits: EmShakes’ Antony and Cleopatra (Scenic Designer), Mercutio Troupe’s Dance Nation (Scenic Designer), Gruesome Playground Injuries (Director, Props Lead), MTS’s Tavern Song (Assistant Scenic Designer). Other credits: Stage One’s The Secret In The Wings (Tech Director), Stage One’s Baby With The Bath Water (Director). I would like to thank my entire family and my roommate Conall for their endless encouragement and support! See more of me here:

ABIGAIL LEE (she/her) — Dramaturg
BFA ’25 Theatre Education & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Bat Boy: The Musical (Assistant Company Manager), Bonnets: How Ladies of Good Breeding are Induced to Murder (Assistant Company Manager). Emerson College credits: Musical Theatre Society’s Ride the Cyclone (Assistant Director), emShakes’ Metamorphosis (Dramaturg), Musical Theatre Society: Interim Artistic Director and Production Manager, emShakes: Advisory Board.

Meet the
Emerson Stage Staff


Artistic Director — Annie G. Levy
General Manager — David Colfer
Assistant General Manager — Joshua M. Feder
Production Manager — Timothey Sullivan
Technical Director — Kristin Knutson
Head Carpenter
— Connor Thompson
Scenic Painter
— Joe Keener
Scenic Painter –– Sam Galvao
Props Director
— Ryan Bates
Assistant Properties Manager
— Lauren Corcuera
Costume Shop Supervisor
— Richelle Devereaux-Murray
Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor
— Becky Pieroth
— Laurie Bramhall
Electrics Advisor — Nicole Cerra
Resident Sound Designer
— Elizabeth Cahill
Sound Technician
— Julie Beaulieu


Stage and Production Management — Debra A. Acquavella
Scenic Design — Baron Pugh
Costume Design — Chloe Moore
Lighting Design — Scott Pinkney
Sound Design — ​Elizabeth Cahill
Fight & Intimacy — Ted Hewlett
Dramaturgy — ​Marissa Friedman
Vocal Coach — ​TBD

Student Staff

Emerson Stage Office Assistants — Jake Tolentino, Kayla Copping, Alayna Domboski, Samantha Duggan, Karli Fisher, Carly Mentis
Production Management Assistants — Blake Berggren, Esther Chilson, Oliver Worner
Videographers — Vincent Chen, Xiao Chen, Ethan West
Scenic Technicians — Casper Apodaca, Kieran Graeff, Ari Flaherty, Davis Kranchalk, Yuyuan “Echo” Lu, Oscar McQuilkin, Dylan Norris, Harley Novy, Elise Tuckwood
Scenic Artists/Painters — Rayan Afif, Nel Blinman, Lily Hourin, Katherine Kendrick, Elodie Lambert, Elizabeth Nunnery, Leo Servetar, David Staats, Charlize Tabrizi
Paint Shop Assistant
— Maggie Stewart
Prop Shop Assistant 
— Delene Beauchamp, Amaya Gonzalez-Mollmann, Oliver Hawke, Mariel Richardson, Ava Scanlon
Stitchers — Zee Cowan, David Estabrooks, Madeline Henry, Amanda Jacobson, Lorence Jones-Perpich, Heidi Keithahn, Alexa Peterson-Ismail, David Schell, Ava-Sofia Settoon, Anna Ten Eyck, Nina Turovsky
Laundry Assistants — Angelina Parillo
Stock Attendants — Sierra Bivins, Isabella Fortebuono, Ashleigh Jones
Crafts — Wei Zhao
Light Lab Inventory Assistant — Eli Goldberg