Class of 2019: Reflections on Emerson Stage

At Commencement this upcoming Sunday, May 12, Emerson College bids farewell to its graduating class of 2019. Emerson Stage has has the honor and privilege of working with the many talented actors, designers, production team members, and theater artists of all kinds during their four years at Emerson. We reached out to a few graduating seniors and asked them to share their most memorable experiences with Emerson Stage.

What is your favorite memory from working on an Emerson Stage show?

“Making my directing debut with two pieces in the NewFest Shorts night in spring 2018 was an absolute dream. The rehearsal processes were so fun and I enjoyed working with everyone from the actors to the stage managers and PA’s. Watching the pieces come to life on stage validated my choice to move away from acting and pursue direction as a career—it was one of the happiest moments in my time at Emerson.”
—Hannah McEachern, BFA Theatre & Performance

“My favorite memory was getting to collaborate alongside professors and students of different majors during our devising process for What Remains Hidden (Is Still Known). Also, our “blood run” during tech of Who Donut?. We all had to wear oversized pajamas while practicing with real blood packs for our stage combat!”
—Katherine Shaver, BFA Acting

“Tech for Working (2019) was a really great collaborative process between sets, projections, and lighting. Getting to learn about projections on the show was invaluable.”
—Joe Burt, BFA Theatre Design/Technology

What was your favorite Emerson Stage show that you saw? What was memorable about it?

Titanic. It’s such a massive show with so much going on, and without the focus of specific heroes to follow, and the production did a great job of presenting a real historical disaster in all its seriousness and majesty. The music was also beautiful.”
—Sam Fidler, BFA Theatre and Performance

“It’s actually so hard to choose, there have been some amazing productions during my time at Emerson. My top two are Mrs. Warren’s Profession and Who Donut?. Both very different plays, but had the script and talent to make you laugh.”
—Hannah McEachern

Merrily We Roll Along when I was still a senior in high school! Really got me excited to go to Emerson—the projections and set were gorgeous. It’s still my favorite musical.”
—Joe Burt

What have you learned from Emerson Stage as a theater artist?

“How to work with different team dynamics and outside directors!”
—Elizabeth Kamla, BFA Stage and Production Management

“How to collaborate. Especially for shows where I acted as both as a set carpenter and a performer, Emerson Stage gave me the perspective of how many different types of disciplines go into a single production, and how those disciplines interact and communicate effectively with one another.”
—Sam Fidler

“The importance of diversity and conscious casting—not just to check a box, but to enhance and give meaning to a story. I am grateful to Emerson Stage, and most importantly my peers for showing me how theater can and should change in order for it to be accessible and respectful to all.”
—Hannah McEachern

How has your Emerson experience shaped what you plan on doing after you graduate?

“Between the skills I learned at Emerson and connections to theatre professionals, I’m planning on moving to New York City to freelance as an assistant scenic designer and scenic artist.”
—Joe Burt

“I’m planning to stay in Boston for a few years to use the resources and connections provided by simply having been a student here.”
—Katherine Shaver

“I realized that I had an eye for directing. I can proudly say that upon graduation, I’ll be pursuing an MFA in directing next fall from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. I have Emerson to thank for the wisdom, support and experiences that got me to this point.”
—Hannah McEachern

“My all-around experience with Emerson Stage has given me a realistic expectation of how a professional theater company operates, and that experience will come in handy as I work as a performer and production member at Acadia Repertory Theatre in Maine this summer.”
—Sam Fidler

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