Let’s Start Talking

by Tyler L.  York

Anne Bogart has talked about Café Variations, the world-premiere co-production between our organization, ArtsEmerson, and the SITI Company which she is directing, as a piece based on the theme of “the alchemy that occurs when one human being makes the heroic effort to reach out to another.”

Take a moment to think about Anne’s statement.

It truly is a courageous act when one person makes an overture, even a simple one such as asking a person whom you have never met, “Is this seat taken?” Isn’t it easier to stay within your own circle of friends you already know? Why step outside of your comfort zone?

Is this seat taken? Photo by Sarah Weintraub.

Risk may be involved, but the potential reward of making that initial “heroic effort” to reach out to someone is great. It is powerful. Beautiful. Exhilarating.

We have already experienced the alchemy Anne spoke of during the beginning stages of creating the production. As people from ArtsEmerson and SITI Company melded with our own Emerson students, faculty, and staff, we’ve forged new relationships, learning more about our selves and our world in the process.

Let’s start talking. We want you to be a part of the conversation too. Tomorrow, from 9:45 am to 4:00 pm, Café Variations is hosting a “pop-up café” in the lobby of the Greene Theater (6th floor, Tufte Performance and Production Center). Join us for a complimentary cup of coffee and enjoy a place to converse, build community, and maybe even learn a thing or two about Café Variations while you are there.

See you tomorrow!


Tyler L. York is the Assistant to the General Manager of Emerson Stage in the Department of Performing Arts at Emerson College.


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