Stardate 10/26/10

Did you all enjoy Light Up the Sky?

I wanted to share with you a little ditty I like to call the Top 5 List.

Top Five Things Said in the Costume Shop By Visitors (and their answers.)

5.   Can you make me a new suit? Well, in theory, yes.   Do we want to make suits in our free time?   Not so much.

4. Can I borrow that costume for Halloween? Sorry, nope, we don’t want our lovely items being worn to a party full of sticky candy corn eaters who are bobbing for apples.

3. Is that iron hot? Well, we tried it on cold and we all got huge arm muscles, but the fabric stayed wrinkled. So we had to turn it on.

2. Do you make your own clothes? Some people do, but after sewing all day it’s not fun to go home and sew all day again.  Though, I do have a completely stocked sewing room.  I like making crafty things.

And the #1 Thing Said in the Costume Shop by Visitors is:

It looks just like Project Runway in here!!

It’s true, our shop resembles the workroom at Parsons, however our designers are much more prepared.  The costumes are not held together with hot glue or pins and  no one is allowed to be  Gretchen!!

Is there anything that inquiring minds are dying to know?  Leave a comment!!

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