New Dramaturgy Boards

It’s an exciting day here in the Emerson Stage Office as our new custom-made dramaturgy boards arrived this morning – just in time for NewFest 2011: Chops. We’ve been using the same “temporary”  boards for over six years. They have served us well, but had their problems. They were heavy, difficult to move from location to location, and lacked a certain… je ne sais quoi. Our new boards are infinitely better! For one, they are mobile (read: they are on wheels!). Now that we are operating in two performance centers, the Tufte Center and the Paramount Center, we need to be able to move the boards around more easily than ever before.

The dramaturgy boards are an important pedagogical tool for our student dramaturgs serving on Emerson Stage productions. The dramaturgs are highly involved in the production process: pre-production research, providing context throughout the rehearsal process, and… this is where the dramaturgy boards come in, at performance time in relaying information to audiences.

So come see Chops between March 24 through March 27 and take a look at the new boards, read the information by dramaturg Gina LeDonne, and see some “artifacts” from past Rod Parker Playwriting Award winning plays (Chops is the 20th annual production of the Award).

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