Stardate 11/9/10

Hellooooo my friends.

I can’t believe we are about to put up the third show of the semester!

Did everyone enjoy Actor/Actor’s Nightmare?  I bet you had no idea that inside Anthony’s pumpkin pants were a pair of bright orange plaid boxers!

Currently the  Shop is working on notes from the first dress of Bud, Not Buddy.   Nothing too scary, just some more velcro and snaps to facilitate the quick changes. This show has quite a few quick changes.  Where else are  you going to see a lifeguard and a vampire in the same play?    (If there is another, please let me know.) Everyone is going to go see it and tell us how much you loved it, right???

Next up on the schedule is Nine,  and that is in major build mode.   Laurie, our draper, is working on the most beautiful things for Luisa, LaFleur, Carla and Mama.  Here’s a question for the home audience, have you ever wondered how many pieces go into an article of clothing?  Look at a  shirt sometime and count all the different pieces.

Fun fact,  Carla’s skirt has nineteen separate pattern pieces and LaFleur’s dress has 28.   Crazy isn’t it?

Tune in next week for a photo tour of the amazing mock ups for Nine.  It’s going to be awesome.

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