Stardate 2/3/2011

Hello my little snickerdoodles,

I hope you are all being careful on the ice.  No one likes visiting people at the hospital, in traction.   Ok, well maybe I do, but that’s only when the cafeteria has good chocolate pudding.

Anyway, because I know you didn’t come to this blog to hear my musings on pudding.   I’ll talk about costumes instead. X Dance is going smoothly.  Hae Min is kicking butt and taking names. Have you purchased your tickets yet?  You know it will sell out, then you’ll cry and bug people and no one will be your friend.   I’m still working on the high fashion bubble dress.  Here’s a very artistic photo of the buckram I am using that will form the cage.

Ooooh pretty!

On a sad/happy note. Julie Hennrikus has left for an amazing job at StageSource.  We’ll miss you Julie!

I just want to pinch their cheeks!

Here’s the to do rack.  Things we have fit and are awaiting alterations.


This is the back of the shop where the men’s GA costumes, pulls for Chops and pulled costumes for Man of La Mancha are hanging out.

Racks, everywhere, racks everywhere, shoes everywhere, jazz Everywhere.

So as you can see it’s going to be a busy  month semester.  The shop will be crazy busy, so if you are going to stop by, bring chocolate.  We like that 🙂

A public service announcement from me, Richelle Devereaux-Murray. people, tights are not pants.   It’s winter, it’s cold and you should wear some pants.

Kisses, Hugs and a picture of my cat!

So fluffy I'm going to die!!

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