Stardate 2/17/2011

Hello my little teddybears,

I hope everyone has recovered from the half price candy sales after Valentines day.
The dance is finished, did you see it?  Of course you did.  Did you like it?  Comments are always welcome.

As you may know from following my blog, the shop still has three shows in production.  Golden Age is rumbling towards the station and we are ready to jump on and make it look good/bad/asylum-y.

For Golden Age, there’s been a ton of distressing and dye work.  We had Denise Wallace, as a guest crafts artisan to teach the ladies in the dye room how to make fake poop, pee, sweat, dirt, and generally nastiness.     I know you were hoping to hear about some beautiful batik work, or a silk dye workshop, but alas we got poo.

For the 19th century  Australian convicts, our designer Molly Trainer, found period accurate research, and we had to replicate it.

Not only did we have to make the convict wear, but then we had to make it appear as though it  had been worn for at least a couple decades.  First, we got some sturdy white canvas, washed it about ten times with industrial soap, then we dyed it two colors.  After that, Laurie cut the pieces  and it was assembled into shirts, pants and jackets.  Then the costumes were fit and finished.  Do we stop there?  NO!   Then Stephanie painted the arrow design.  What is the very last step you may wonder?   Simple, beat the tar out of them.

So we went from this:

A perfect, brand new convict uniform.

Added a whole lot of this:

Stephanie and her trusty sandpaper.

Until we achieved the desired effect:

Isn't it lovely?

Hugs, Kisses and Cotton Candy.


For more updates, check out The Golden Age Blog.

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