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The Making of an Antelope

Rough & Tumble, the play, follows the crew of Rough & Tumble, a survival television show on location in the Amazon, where you would expect to see and hear any number of animals. In fact, twenty to forty million species of animals are estimated to live in this dense South American rainforest. Despite the vast number of animals in this area, there is one you would not expect to see, and yet, you will. You’ll see an antelope. At least you will in the Amazon in the Jackie Liebergott Black Box next week, where Rough & Tumble will be presented.

Why an antelope? Well, that’s a question that can only be answered in person. In the meantime, take a look at the making of the antelope by Props Master, Heather Wise, below:

An antelope is born.
Construction continues by adding shape and weight.
Rough & Tumble Props Master, Heather Wise, stops to take a photo with her creation.
The “skin” is added

Rough & Tumble performs March 22 – 25 in the Jackie Liebergott Black Box in the Paramount Center at Emerson College. Get tickets ($8 Emerson Community / $12 General Audiences).

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