Meet the Characters of Lizzie Bright

This morning, at 10am, we kicked off our first performance of Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy. And it was great.

With the official start of the run here, we felt like it was a good time to introduce you to the characters of Lizzie Bright — a few actors even drop by in videos to tell you a little about their character and their experience.

This material was produced as part of the Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy education guide, by our education coordinator Bee Weinberg. Check out other educational resources here.

Want to learn more? Join us at one of our performances this weekend!

The Characters of Phippsburg

Turner Buckminster

A young boy, Turner feels out of place after moving to Phippsburg with his father. Turner’s high strung nature makes it hard for him to make friends, until he meets Lizzie.

Watch an interview with the actor who plays Turner here: Turner Buckminster Interview

Reverend Buckminster

Turner’s father, and the new preacher for Phippsburg, Maine. Having recently lost his wife, Reverend Buckminster is struggling to build a relationship with his son while establishing himself in a small  town.

Mrs. Cobb

An old woman, Mrs. Cobb teaches Turner piano lessons. She refuses to cow to the pressures of the townspeople, and sees the potential in Turner and Lizzie.

Deacon Hurd

One of the leaders of Phippsburg, Deacon Hurd is heading the movement to clear Malaga of its inhabitants in order to build a resort in town. Thinks the people of Malaga are dirty, stupid, and should be removed.

Willis Hurd

Deacon Hurd’s son. About Turner’s age, Willis doesn’t like Turner’s “big city” attitude. He struggles to decide which side is the right side on the Malaga question.


Working with Deacon Hurd, is trying to clear Malaga of the families that live there so the town can build a resort. Shares similar feelings with Deacon Hurd.


The Characters of Malaga Island

Lizzie Bright Griffin

A young black girl, Lizzie has lived on Malaga her entire life. She isn’t sure what to think of Turner at first, but her bright spirit and feisty attitude soon spark a friendship with Turner and Mrs. Cobb. Lizzie is fighting to protect her home and family from being taken from Malaga

Watch an interview with the actress who plays Lizzie here: Lizzie Bright Interview

Reverend Griffin

Lizzie’s grandfather, Reverend Griffin is a black man and a spiritual leader on Malaga Island. Old and of somewhat failing health, he helps Turner learn understand Malaga and what it means to the families that live there.

The Tripps

One of the families that lives on the island, the Tripps are a wild bunch that Turner meets when he visits the island. If Malaga is cleared, the Tripps will have nowhere to go.


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