Show Week

It’s another show week here – the first of the Spring semester. We open X DANCE on Thursday night for a five show run through Sunday. The dances are amazing and the design work around them is incredible. This past weekend was a long haul of technical rehearsals where design elements were added to the dances, light and sound cues built, and generally, the whole show starts to come together. A few more nights to perfect and they’ll be ready to perform on Thursday.

The office gets busy during a show week too. There are programs to edit, print, staple (yes, our lovely office assistants staple the programs by  hand… the troopers!). There are conversations to be had with the box office and front of house staff about ticketing, late seating, and oh! so much more. We are preparing for our post-matinee talkbacks and getting our lobby display boards prepped. We’ll be showing off some of the inspirations for and elements of the show’s design in the lobby display.

There is still much to be done, but we’ll be ready when the doors open to the Greene Theater for X DANCE later this week. We hope to see you there!

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