Stardate 10/12/10

Howdy Partners!   Today I am going to tell you about the magical world of the Shriner Fez.   Thanks to Scott Pinkney, I have an actual Shriner hat to use as a model.  Want to see it?  Of course you do!!

Original Fez from the Pickney Family Archives.

So that’s the look I am going for.  This is what I am starting with:

Isn't it lovely?

Since I can’t embroider directly onto the Fez,  well I could but I might have to overcome a law of physics or two.  I am using our lovely machine to embroider on a matching felt, then I will stitch it onto the Fezzes.  (Is that the plural of Fez? Would they be Fezi?)

Here’s the template which I am using to line up the stitching:


And here’s the start of the process with the logo:

It's getting Shriner-y!!

Now I have been looking at fonts to find the perfect letters.  Luckily I have an embroidery program that can turn TrueType Fonts into embroiderable letters.    Did you want to see the finished product?   Well then you are just going to have to see Light up the Sky.

Here’s our lovely embroidery machine,  I call her Novi.  The shot was photobombed by Mr. Pricklepants.  He’s such a ham. Tune in next week to see what havoc Mr. Pricklepants causes when he attempts to tie dye his leiderhosen!

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