Stardate 12.1.10

It’s the countdown to Nine!!!  EEEP!    Things are going swimmingly here in the shop.  We have a few days left and plenty of work to do.    Ready for the pictures?  Well you have to be, because here they come.

She's a sassy lady.
LaFleur in her lovely red dress.

Laurie has been hard at work with her team of Brian, Samara, Leah and some other shop folks.  Isn’t she doing a beautiful job??

 Sorry I have to cut it short today, Molly Trainor the costume designer for The Golden Age, is here and I have to meet with her about schedules.  The shows never stop here in the costume shop.   (poetry!)     Here’s a little gander at some of the things Angela, the assistant costume designer, has pulled.  There’s a whole rack of clothes that goes with this, but the picture is broken. So right here (____________________)  imagine a huge rack of clothes.  Thanks 🙂

 Peace, Love and Minions to do all your work!

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