Stardate 10/5/10

By Richelle Devereaux-Murray

Hello Everybodeeeee!  (Picture Grover saying that, it makes more sense)

Today is the first official day of four shows in the shop at the same time.    It’s the first  measurement day for Nine.   All the talented ladies and gents will be stopping by for us to do extensive measurements and take their photos.  These we keep in the show bible and refer to constantly.

Always working on multiple shows simultaneously causes some funny moments. Some people are altering tux pants, I am working on Shriner Fez embroidery,  Sarah Siddons is being trimmed, and then there are discussions about nuns and  lingerie.  Not nuns in lingerie, don’t worry.

Yesterday Chloe was making an executioners hood,  so first she make a mock up in muslin.   Muslin is an unbleached cotton fabric, that we use to test out patterns, so that when working with the real fabric, no mistakes are made.

Of course there is a photo!  Don’t worry, the axe is a prop.  Designers don’t really get to beat their assistants.

Courtney is one mean designer!

So from that muslin mock up,  Chloe made corrections and the finished project looked a little something like this:

We mean business!

Meanwhile, on another table Brian was working hard doing cartridge pleats in velvet.  This is accomplished by hand sewing at a set distance and length with two threads, when pulled tight they make beautiful pleats.  A little something like this:

The backside of cartridge pleats. To see the front, you must see The Actors Nightmare!

Tune in next week, for another rousing episode of As the Costume Shop Turns.

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