Stardate 12.8.10

So here we are one day away from Nine opening, and you know what that means??  Last minute costume changes!    Today I altered some shoes.   I took this lovely pair of character shoes: (I know there is only one in the picture, the other one was shy.)

A plain old character shoe.

And the inspiration:

If only they were three sizes smaller and black.

So I cut  the straps from the character shoes, which was pretty fun, I must say.  And I traced the sides of the inspiration shoe onto paper.  I used the paper pattern to trace the design onto vinyl and cut it out.   Then I used the handy-dandy-industrial upholstery machine to stitch the pieces together.  Something like this:

Making shoe art.

Then came the most amazing part, I had to squish the shoes under the sewing machine,  luckily Deb took a picture or two:

Just keeping my fingers out of the way!!

Then through the magic of television, some elastic, velvet ribbon and more time sewing and a little complaining  I arrived at:

They'll look even more fabulous on stage, when they have feet in them.

And just in case you thought that’s the only last minute thing the shop had today (ha!)  I’ll give you a little glimpse of a new costume that was just added.

Rebecca and Nicole trimming the slip.

Peace, Love and Ice Cream!!


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