Stardate 9.28.2010

Laurie and Brian hard at work, on The Actor's Nightmare

By Richelle Devereax-Murray

Welcome back.  It’s a new school year and everyone knows what that means!   You don’t?  Well let me tell you,  it means four fabulous shows.   Currently in the shop we are working on Light Up the Sky,  Actor/The Actor’s Nightmare and Bud Not Buddy.   Nine will be added into the mix soon, it’s a happening place here.

The racks are full of pulled costumes,   sketches line the walls and the crew is busy with alterations of all kinds.

Today I had fittings with Courtney Irizarry (the designer),  for  The Actor’s Nightmare.  For one scene, Brittany Halls will be wearing a dress that made it’s first appearance in an Emerson Stage show when it was built for The Philadelphia Story, however we will be altering it to look a little different.   That’s something we do often.   We pull things from our stock and alter them to suit our needs. So when you see The Actor’s  Nightmare, the dress will be so different, that you won’t realize it’s the same one from a previous show.   Most likely you didn’t see The Philadelphia Story, unless you are a Senior so we can just pretend it’s a brand new dress anyway! 🙂

A show will have many costumes from other shows,  our stock room is full of past shows.  It’s a little walk down memory lane.   We have even found costumes with labels from the first Majestic show, George M.   If you want to hear great stories some time, ask Mary Ellen Adams about that show.

See you next Tuesday for more tales of the costume shop.  What will we make, what will we dye, what cookies will we eat??

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