LIGHT Dawns!

By Julie Hennrikus

Generally, I am not a fan of projections in theater. I have seen too many used badly, more in the “look Ma, we’ve got toys” than the value added vein. And the noise. I hate mechanical noise in theater, especially whirring fans. But last spring I saw Title of Show at Speakeasy Stage, and I didn’t hate them. In fact, I liked what they added. Seághan McKay designed them. So when Melia Bensussen decided she wanted to use projections in Light Up The Sky, and Seághan’s name came up, I was pleased that he was interested in working with us. But honestly, aside from the pedagogical experience for the students, I didn’t get it. Projections and Moss Hart? In my heart, I resisted.

And then I saw the show. And was taught what projections could do by an artist. They can help create magic.

Now, the projections alone didn’t create the magic. Tim Jozwick designed a fabulous set that worked with them  brilliantly.  And Scott Pinkney’s lights worked collaboratively with Seághan’s projections.  And Melia Bensussen is a brilliant director who re-envisions classics wonderfully. But still, as Tyler pointed out in his post, there are moments that were so beautiful I was stunned.

I hope you get a chance to see Light Up The Sky. We will be posting some pictures afterwards, but I don’t think they can capture the magic of the projections, and their transitions. This theater goer is now a believer. Light dawned on the possible.


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