Theatre On a Dime

by Jason Allen-Forrest

As of December 21, 2010 I saw a total of 60 live performances during the year. Average cost to me; $12 per ticket. How does one manages this, you might ask?

The answer is simple-shop smartly.

Orchestra seats are not always the best seats, but they are more expensive-be willing to sit in the back of the mezzanine or in the balcony-those seats are less expensive and it gives you an opportunity to look at the whole production and appreciate staging and choreography and sets more than if you were craning your neck to look up at peoples knees.

Buy directly from the box office-they don’t charge you exorbitant fees.

Visit shows during the week-usually less expensive than a weekend performance.

Read websites/direct mailing carefully-a number of theatres offer “pay what you can” nights or specific nights with discounts.

Utilize Bostix-great deals, minimal fees. (Buy from BosTix in advance online or at their booths in Copley Square or Faneuil Hall)

It also helps if you have friends who work in the theatre world-they can sometimes get you discounts or even comps.

I LOVE going to the theatre, but I don’t like paying a lot, and I’ve learned how to avoid doing so.

Happy Theatre Going in 2011!


Jason Allen-Forrest is the Administrative Assistant to the Chair in the Department of Performing Arts at Emerson College.

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