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SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: Cassie Cormier prepares for Opening Night at the Contemporary American Theater Festival

Hi everyone! My name is Cassie Cormier and I am one of five seniors in the Stage and Production Management major this fall. I am spending my summer at the Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF) in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, which is celebrating its 29th season.

CATF produces six new plays every summer that rep in three different theater—you can imagine the kind of work that takes. This summer I am working on the stage management team with two other current Emerson students, three Emerson alumni, two professors from Carnegie Mellon, and the dynamic duo: Lori M. Doyle and Deb Acquavella (Emerson faculty). We are split between three spaces and we are each working on either one or two shows.

This process is not like anything I have ever worked on and the craziest part is every single person is having a different experience. At this point in the season, we are all tech-ing simultaneously and have a few previews before the official opening night on Friday, July 5, 2019. That’s when I’ll be doing my instagram takeover—so you’re invited!

Follow @emersonstage on Instagram and tune in this Friday, July 5 to join in on the party and I will introduce you to our team, have some Emerson Stage cameos, introduce a few members of the company, and maybe even give you a sneak peek at what’s going on on stage. See you then!

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