Unexpected Tasks at Emerson Stage

By Christine Bernard

If anyone asks, working at Emerson Stage for the summer is…pretty exciting! We get to participate in flash mobs, use our artsy Emersonian hands to plan out the next season (specialty of Jenna Clarke), and even dig through archives dating from 1989.

Sometimes however, some of the daily tasks we’re asked to do come a little unexpected. Yesterday, I served as a model for one of Bobbi Brown’s summer makeup classes at Emerson College. I must say after four hours of filing and labeling documents, my day ended pretty glamorously!

For their first class, students were learning makeup applications techniques in order to achieve a natural look. Correctors, concealers, foundation, bronzers, you name it! I walked away from this free class with great tips and an enriched makeup vocabulary.

Can’t wait to find out what my next crazy task will be!

Does anyone have an idea? Leave us a comment!

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