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Uncovered: Promo Video from 2008

In the 2008-2009 Season, an industrious student, Melissa Allard, created a great video spot for Emerson Stage. As mentioned on this blog yesterday, we have been going through our archives, boxes and boxes of documents, photos, and other artifacts from 1989 to present. One of our favorites was this video dated 10/30/08:


In this video, you can see footage from Lady Windermere’s Fan rehearsals (those corsets!) and scenic and electrics load in, as well as interviews from previous Emerson Stage staffers. Are you in this video? Leave a comment below with a shout out!

Wonder how the final production of Lady Windermere’s Fan looked? See photos on flickr.

We love this video… Leave a comment below with suggestions for a new 2011-2012 Season video.

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