A Note from the Dramaturg – Love & Information

An Overheard Conversation About Change, with Links, Courtesy of Cast Member Juliet Walker
By Dante Flores, Production Dramaturg


(After Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information)

“I gave you $22.10


“I gave you $22.10 so my change should be $10. You gave me $9

“Sorry sir you gave me $21.10”

“No I handed you $22.10 — I remember because I needed a ten in change so that’s why I paid with $22.10”

You definitely gave me $21.10

“I need a ten”

“Besides the fact that you only gave me $21.10 we don’t have any tens in the register so I couldn’t give you a ten back even if that’s what your change was”

“I gave you $22”

“Here’s another dollar sir I’m so sorry for your inconvenience have a nice day thank you.

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