Anthony Feola Takes You Behind the Scenes of Stupid F##king Bird

Hello everyone, my name is Anthony Feola and I am a sophomore Stage and Production Management major, and I am the second assistant stage manager (ASM) on the first Emerson Stage show of the year, Stupid F##king Bird. This process has been amazing and has helped me grow as a stage manager. I was able to see the different roles of the second assistant stage manager. This show was a prop-heavy show and not so much a costume-heavy show so I was able to help support the first ASM, Talia. Our team is made up of four people Tom is the stage manager, Talia the first ASM, myself, and Lola our production assistant.

I think that seeing this show come together was one of my favorites. The technical aspects really tie into the show, so seeing the actors get into the space and play around was a great experience. Working with a director that is so close in age made this experience so much more enjoyable. The room was always full of energy and laughs.

I will be taking over the Instagram for our final dress rehearsal and you are invited to see behind the scenes! Follow @emersonstage on Instagram and tune in on September 25 for a sneak peek at what happens on stage and off, See you then!

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