Brush Up Rehearsals

We rarely have the opportunity at Emerson Stage to perform a show for multiple weekends, but our annual Theatre for  Young Audiences (TYA) show often has a two week run. This is mostly due to the weekday matinees we perform specifically for schools. BUD, NOT BUDDY will have a total of 10 performances, including 3 school matinees. It has already performed 5 shows. The last performance was a 2:00p show on Sunday, which means the production has not reassembled in any way since taking a curtain call (bows at end of performance).

This is where the invaluable tool, a brush up rehearsal, comes in handy. Tonight, BUD, NOT BUDDY will rehearse in advance of Friday evening’s 7:30p performance. A brush up rehearsal allows a director, or as is the case in many professional settings, the assistant director or stage manager, to run the show entirely or focus on specific scenes or moments that are particularly challenging to refresh the actors and crew.

Brush ups ensure that a performance that is preceded by a break are back to shipshape form. These rehearsals can also happen at other times during a longer run of a production: timing starts to lag, safety needs to be revisited, technical elements perfected.

We want every performance to be the best it can be!


Tickets to BUD, NOT BUDDY are available for the final public performances on Fri, Nov 19 at 7:30 and Sat, Nov 20 at 2p and 7:30p at or at the Paramount Box Office, 559 Washington Street, Boston.

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