Frequently Asked Audition Questions

We regularly run a list of Frequently Asked Questions with Emerson Stage’s audition calls. We figured it was a good idea to list your most frequently frequent asked questions here, for fastest reference.

I am at the Castle / in LA / studying abroad this semester. Can I still participate?
YES! It is our standard practice to accept video audition submissions from students studying abroad this semester who wish to be considered for next semester’s productions. Please contact for further, show-specific details about how to submit a video audition.

Why do you ask for my schedule and conflicts? At auditions, we ask for your class schedule, work/job commitments and any other things that may affect your availability during the rehearsal period of a show in order to see if we can consider you for a role. Your presence at rehearsal is essential.

What constitutes a conflict? A conflict is anything that affects your schedule during our rehearsal hours of Monday-Friday from 7-11pm and Saturdays and Sundays. We don’t rehearse seven days per week unless we are in technical rehearsals heading into performances, but it is essential to know what your schedule is going to be during rehearsal hours. A conflict may include classes, a job, another show you are in, a family obligation (weddings, anniversaries, celebrations), volunteering.

If I list my conflicts will I not be cast? No — everyone, especially students, is going to have scheduling pressures. It is unreasonable to think that you would be available 24 hours a day, seven days per week for show rehearsals. Full disclosure on your schedule helps us figure out how to cast you and how to schedule rehearsals for a show. That is why we ask at auditions. If you have too many conflicts, however, it simply may not be possible to cast you based on your availability. If you can attend few rehearsals and not every performance, it is not possible to consider you for a role.

I know I have conflicts but I am afraid to list them because I really want to be in this show (or want a particular part); if I list my conflicts I am afraid I won’t be cast, so I just won’t list them, okay? No, not okay at all. This mind-set has serious implications for your fellow actors in this show and your future ability to be cast in any other shows. This is a bad practice that can have severe professional implications in your life ahead in the theater. It is required that you list all conflicts at auditions.

What if new conflicts arise after I have auditioned and been cast? Before you accept or agree to any new conflict, you must contact stage management, who will consult with the director. In general, it will be very difficult to allow you to accept a commitment that affects your ability to rehearse and perform in a show, so it is very possible that we will not be able to allow you to take on more schedule-affecting commitments.

Other questions? Send them to And otherwise: Break a leg!

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