It’s Magic Time: Light Up the Sky

By Tyler York


I got chills while watching the final dress rehearsal of LIGHT UP THE SKY last night in the Paramount Theatre. We are talking goose bump, hair raising chills. Technically, as in the technical aspects of the show (scenery, lighting, costumes, props, sound, and projections… oh! the projections!), the performance is absolutely arresting. Stop you in your tracks amazing. The acting commands your attention. The performers fill the room with their presence and their voice. I have to commend them for the vocal work. The Paramount is not a space that is particularly friendly to the actors’ voice.The Emerson students in this show performed wonderfully however. Thank you to all the great work of our voice, acting, and directing faculty!

The magic starts from the moment you enter the theater. If you’ve seen a show at the Paramount, such as FRAULEIN MARIA in ArtsEmerson‘s season or the Pop-Up Plays during the Inaugural Weekend events, you know what I mean. If not, you must see this show, if only to be inside the Paramount.

There is so much more than the physical venue itself though. Early on in the show one of the characters declares, “It’s magic time!” He’s referring to the time leading up to and including the first performance of a play.

Nothing could be more true of LIGHT UP THE SKY. It does indeed dazzle with the magic inherent in theatre and in art. It is human.

It lights up your heart and your spirit. It rekindles your love for great theatre.

You will laugh. You will nod at familiar conversations (especially if you work in the arts). You will most certainly walk out of the Paramount with a smile.

And then you’ll tell all your friends. = D


Tyler York is the Assistant to the General Manager of Emerson Stage and an alum of Emerson’s BFA Stage/Production Management program.

Tickets to LIGHT UP THE SKY are available at, at the Box Office (559 Washington Street, Boston), and by phone at 617.824.8000.

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