Road Trip to NYC

by Cait Powers

Today, the senior BFA performance majors [Musical Theatre & Acting] and one lone stage manager are traveling (very early) to NYC for the day. Our itinerary? Lunch at the famous Sardi’s and a day full of career advice from Emerson Alumni who are living & working in NY.

So far I have learned in my research that several of them have worked together, for example Bonnie Comley is producing War Horse at Lincoln Center, and Ariel Heller is in the company. I have also learned from my googling efforts that many of them have puppetry experience! I am most excited to meet Rob Morrison, he is currently in the Avenue Q Off Broadway company, he is a swing and…. the assistant stage manager!

Morning Update 6:41a It is a clear, cold cold cold cold day in Boston, if you can call it day. Really it is still more like night, especially for us theatre folk. We left so early Starbucks wasn’t even open! Everyone is impressively awake and cheery so early. Jennifer is our ES Alumni Rep (WLP ’07) she has helped to organize and plan this trip for our BFA’s, and they couldn’t be more excited! Our bus driver is Ed, and he is going to get us to NY and back safe and sound!


Cait Powers is a senior BFA Stage/Production Management major. She will be live tweeting during the NY professional alumni trip. Follow hashtag #ECNYCONNECT for updates throughout the day.

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