Stardate 1/27/11

Hello my little french fries,  I hope things are well and you aren’t stuck in a snow bank somewhere?

The Costume Shop has been working harder than the Elves on Dec 23rd.    I took a few “before” pictures of the dance costumes.   If you want to see the after, you know what you have to do!  (Get a ticket now!!!)   Don’t miss out, since I know you already forgot to get a Golden Age ticket before it sold out.

Hae Min Yun, our ever imaginative designer, has been hard at work pulling from our stock and she also did a little shopping in Korea. Luckily that’s where she lives,  otherwise it would have been a long commute.   She has some fabulous pieces that we are putting together.  Also, we are revamping quite a few pieces from past Emerson Stage productions.   We’ll see if anyone has the eagle eyes to spot something familiar.

I’ll give you a hint on this one,

That shawl you see?? I bet you'd never know it was formerly a pair of pants from the X dance designed by Mallory Frers.

Don’t worry (not that you would), it’ll be even more amazing once we alter it and finish the shawl.

Now this lovely creation in it’s earliest stages,   is a teardrop shaped cage dress.  Seriously high fashion!

It's going to be the coolest dance dress ever!

Oh, but that’s not all!  This whole dance, which is being choreographed by Ryan Ziegler also has corsets.   If you know Ryan, you’re probably saying, “Of course.”   Well here’s the picture of the lovely mock up corset, made by Chloe Goldberg.  We picked the lovely black spandex with butterfly sparkles just to keep us entertained in fittings, that’s not the real color scheme at all.  Did you want to know what it really is?  I guess you’ll just have to see the show! Bwah ha ha!

Hold on to your socks, because we are going to be knocking them off!

So much to do, I hear the minons calling me to come and save them from thread monsters.

Love to all,  well except that guy (and you know who you are!)


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