A Moment with our Chair, Melia Bensussen

By Melia Bensussen

Am lecturing wonderful student actors on the history of the American theatre – did you know that in 1948 you could have seen Death of A Salesman, Oklahoma and South Pacific? Not to mention Light Up The Sky.  Enjoying the actors learning how to walk through doorways and slam doors on a beat.  Arriving to our Paramount rehearsals after leaving another gifted company at the Huntington, after rehearsals for Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker.

At the Paramount I tell actors to speed up, the period demands it, at the Huntington I tell them to slow down and take their pauses – what this new play requires.  A great way to spend the day.


Melia Bensussen is the Chair of the Department of Performing Arts. She is also a professional director, currently working on two plays that open within weeks of each other.

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