Stardate 3.3.11 Chops Sneak Peek!

Hello my little pink petunias!

Can you believe it’s March?  Next week is spring break and also daylight savings time begins on the 13th.    I had to bid adieu to my Stagecraft class and will be getting a brand new group of students after break.

Here’s the class at their final runway presentation.

Aren't their pants fabulous?

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.   I snuck into the fitting room, under the cover of darkness and snapped these shots of the CHOPS sketches, with my top secret, bow-tie spy-camera.

Designs by Juliana Gregori

Katereel (Nora Reilly) Oliviette (Brittany Halls)
The Commisioner (Abigail Vega)
LaralP (Amy Bercovic) MaryT (Monica Baker) Justeeme (Alexis Carpinello)
Clarissik (Maria Carreon)
First fitting Justemee. The green vest is going to be transformed.
Oliviette (Brittany) first fitting. Next we do all the detail work in plaid!

As you can see, this show has a Victorian/Steampunk feel to it.   The actresses are really excited and so are we.
Must dash, there are cogs to order and plaid to match.
Hugs to everyone!


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