Stardate Dance Opening Night!!!!

Hello my little pomme frittes,

I was a bit under the weather so I missed a day of work.  There was much sobbing and when I returned, I found that there was some silliness that occured while I was gone.

Exhibit A.    Audrey Stuck,  a fabulous choreographer for one of the pieces in tonight’s X-Dance, was wearing this!

Sassafrass in a costume that was cut from X dance.

Not only that, but in my absence, Exhibit B.,  a few of my furry friends thought that they could do my work for me.

Then they realized that they don't have opposable thumbs and things got hinky.

Then I found that that Lotso and Prickle Pants had gone around the shop taking artsy photos of the students at work. (How they do it without thumbs, I’ll never know.)

Here they are:

Patria shows off a ruffled spectacular for the dance.
Amber and Angela working on the messy wig for Golden Age.

Dana the Assistant Costume Designer for XDance.

Dana the X Dance  Assistant Costume Designer.    Heather is dyeing up a storm for Golden Age.

Thankfully, Laurie our intrepid cutter/draper was here  and made sure all the dance notes got done.    This week we started measurements for Chops, the Newfest winner.    Want a sneak peek?   Of course you do. This is one of the sketches designed by Julianna Gregori.

Victorian/Steampunk meets awesomeness!

More on that show in a future post.  Wait until you see the adorable hats.

Sorry to be short this week friends, but the Golden Age is huge and it’s calling my name.  It screams, ” HEM ME, ALTER ME, COVER ME IN MUD!!!!”

Something that I just heard from the shop, “Molly (the costume designer for Golden Age)  your dead German is here.”

Have a cookie, it’s Thursday.


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