State of the Season – January 28

by Tyler York

In the three production meetings this morning, we heard about initial designs, adaptations being made to designs, and the process of bring designs to life.

Designs were presented for Chops: NewFest 2011. Scenic/props and costume designs are heavily influenced by the Victorian Era and by Steam Punk culture and create a rich, varied tapestry for this new play. Lighting and sound will build upon this environment.

With The Golden Age, departments discussed how their designs relate to one another and where adjustments can be made to accommodate the needs of another’s design. Scenic, lighting, and sound will be working together to determine the best arrangement to share the space in the Paramount Black Box Theater.  Lighting, costumes, and scenic will also be meeting to discuss color this afternoon.

X Dance designs have been complete for some time now. They are being realized now as the various pieces are loaded into the theatre. Currently, lighting is bringing in and setting up lights and cabling and will soon be followed by scenic and sound. Costumes will load in too, but to the dressing rooms the weekend before performances.

Man exciting things are in motion. More updates next week!


Tyler York is the Assistant to the General Manager of Emerson Stage.

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