Take Two

We are excited to announce a change to our 2011-12 Season! We’ve been given the opportunity to take two (of three) new plays by contemporary playwright Adam Rapp and produce them in the Greene Theater in late October as our second production of the season. For the record, the Rapp plays will replace the double-bill of Chekhov one-acts we previously announced.

Adan Rapp

Guest director Shawn LaCount, the Artistic Director of Company One, will direct PARAFFIN and NURSING, two plays from Adam Rapp’s critically acclaimed series known as THE HALLWAY TRILOGY, which made its world premiere in February 2011 at the Rattlesnake Playwrights Theater in New York.

Set in the same hallway of a New York City tenement building, PARAFFIN and NURSING explore themes of suffering and redemption.

Paraffin takes place during the 2003 New York City blackout and follows a married couple – a man addicted to heroin and his pregnant wife, as well as his brother’s unrequited love for his wife.

Nursing, set in 2053, shows a world free of disease, though the building, now a museum, puts on view young men and women who have been injected with diseases of the past for the public’s amusement.

The plays are edgy… a bit horrific… somewhat brutal… and certainly shocking.

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