‘Twas the Night Before Load Out

‘Twas the night before load out and all through the shop, all the creatures were sewing, no one could stop… 

I should be more witty, but I can’t think of anymore rhymes plus, I gotta go sew!

The Evening of Women Playwrights is upon us and the shop is a beehive of activity, everyone is working hard on finish work.   We do all the functional notes to a costume first and then we do the trimming.  That way if a costume doesn’t have all it’s sparkly trim, it can still go onstage.  A sparkly trimmed jacket is lovely, but if the jacket isn’t wearable for dress rehearsal, then it’s not very useful.

This group of shows has  been very interesting because one is Victorian, one is mid century, and one is a throwback to the 80’s.   There will be many beautiful silhouettes to admire, so you’d better go see them.

Oh there’s a tour here!  The parents and students who come on them are always so nice.  They usually say it looks just like Project Runway in here. Yesterday someone even said, “Make it Work!”  Except here, we have to make sure it actually looks like the sketch, fits, and can stand up to the rigors of the show.  Plus we don’t use glue or tape to finish things..2261625666_dfc4146eb6.jpg

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