Costume Shop Geek Out

So here on floor two,  we find ourselves having long involved conversations about things that normal people probably don’t even think about in a day. 
We could chat for hours about  which kind of  hand sewing needle is better, we all have our favorites.  Jen prefers a 9 sharp,  whereas I prefer a 7 milliner and Deb prefers the ones with the large eye so she can thread them.   I know, you probably didn’t know that there are different categories of hand sewing needles.

Scissors are always a hot topic.   You should never cut paper with your fabric scissors and vice versa.  It’s just not done!!!  It makes kittens cry.  There are oodles of different types of scissors, but I won’t bore you with that. I fear it would sound a lot like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Womp, Womp, Womp. 

The real reason I started this entry was to tell you about our latest geek out.   Tyler, who is designing Into the Woods and his lovely assistants Nicole and Courtney went to the mecca of fabric stores, NYC!    Now as we all know from being avid watchers of Project Runway, this is where Mood is located.  There are numerous other stores there, not as fancy pants, but with really good fabric and trim. So that is where our intrepid design team went to shop. 

Sadly they did not visit the House of Spandex, which is just somewhere I like to go because they have every color spandex ever thought of by the half blind disco lovers who send out those horrible dancing school costume catalogs.  I digress.
I’m having trouble with the photos so let me describe.  What appears as a simple pile of fabulous fabric and fur will turn into amazing creations.   

Here is some of what Tyler brought us

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