A Noble Experiment

by Julie Hennrikus

The Emerson Stage blog has undergone a face lift. New blogging software, and a new blogging philosophy. Let’s call it “something everyday”. The goal/hope/dream is to have SOME sort of content every day during the academic year. Some call it ambitious. I call it more than possible.

Friday morning, as Tyler posted in his State of the Season, we had three production meetings for our first shows of the season, all of which are in rehearsal. NINE was just cast. THE GOLDEN AGE will be cast as of Monday, and auditions for X DANCE are next week. We have info meetings for playwrights regarding NEW FEST, and I have a MAN OF LA MANCHA meeting next week. With all of this activity, plus stage managers taking CPR, forums with visiting guests not to mention faculty, staff and students and their wide range of work, how can we be lacking blog material?

So check back often. Follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook. And let us know what you think as we give you a glimpse into life here at Emerson Stage.

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